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This competition is about creating music/sound that the original filmmaker might want on their animated film. It needs to support and enhance the story and visuals, not distract from them. It is not about creating the most wonderful piece of stand-alone music, it is about enhancing the animated film.

When composing for an animated film, don’t only think about the music, but also decide when it should come in and go out, and if there are other sounds which would add to the narrative. You may (or may not) decide that sections of the film do not require any music.

There are four general stages involved in writing music for this competition: 1) composing the music for your chosen film; 2) recording the music; 3) editing and mixing the music to fit the film; 4) exporting the final video to upload to us.

Judging criteria


The final musical score should complement and enhance the animated film.  The judges will view the film and accompanying score as though they are the filmmakers. They will be asking questions such as:
Does the music support the film?

Does it enhance the film and bring extra life to the pictures?

Does it help tell the story in ways that the dialogue and action cannot?

Does the composer show potential for a career in music?


Does the score show creativity, effort and skill?

Does the music have a sense of an original approach?

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