A brief history of the F-Rating 

The F-Rating is a film classification developed by Holly Tarquini at Bath Film Festival (now FilmBath Festival) in 2014, which can be used alongside a standard age classification for any film which

  1. is directed by a woman, and/or
  2. is written by a woman.

If it also features significant women on screen in their own right then it is Triple F-Rated – our Gold Standard.

This easily identifiable label enables moviegoers to choose films that fairly represent women on screen and behind the camera. Highlighting these films sends a clear message to distributors, producers and funders that women can and should have more than just a supporting role within the industry. We want to see more female role models in film, fairer funding for female directors and a realistic representation of 50% of the population on screen.

Following its launch in 2014, the F-Rating attracted international media attention. Support was widespread, including from the BBC, The Telegraph, Entertainment Weekly, The Independent, Elle, and Marie Claire. Social media ignited global exposure and support for the F-Rating, and gained us a diverse and passionate following.

In 2015 momentum continued to build, with dozens of film festivals and cinemas (most recently the Barbican) choosing to use the F-Rating at their events to sit alongside a film’s usual age classification. The UK’s media continued to cover the rating, building pressure on the UK film industry to address the issue.

At the end of 2016, Holly was invited to present a TEDxTalk on the rating (which you can watch here – it’s only 10 minutes long).

Then, at the beginning of 2017, IMDb added the keyword F-Rated to over 22,000 films (which you can see here) and the media went into overdrive – for the most part positively. It does seem to be an idea which really grabs the imagination.

The aim of the rating is that it will become obsolete as the stories we see on screen are told by a diverse and representative range of people, and not predominantly by white, straight, cis, middle aged, middle class, able bodied American men (WAY too niche!).

We have (thanks to an enormous amount of in-kind support – plus funding – from Col Needham, the CEO of IMDb) got a great F-Rating website, where we champion F-Rated films, allies and partners.

You can also find us on:



If you are an exhibitor, distributor or producer then you can join the F-Rating by emailing hello@filmbath.org.uk