Welcome to FilmScore 2018


FilmScore is a unique competition which invites young musicians aged between 14-19 years old to compose an original score for one of a selection of short films (10 minutes maximum).

A shortlist of finalists will be selected and their entries screened to a panel of professional judges and the public. The winner will receive a fabulous prize including a work experience day at a film or music company, mentoring, cash prizes and more!

“an inspirational experience that I’ll never forget. I have learned a lot from the judges, Julian and the other finalists. I will probably be entering again … and again.” – Emilia Matthews, FilmScore 2017 finalist

Entry for the 2018 competition will open in September. To register your interest in FilmScore 2018, sign up here.

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“As an instrumentalist, writing music for the FilmScore 2015 competition was a completely new experience for me.  I enjoyed it so much though that it has now inspired me to look deeper into composition for film and consider it as a possible career path.

My most recent composition was for a twenty minute short drama “Letters Home”, commemorating the Battle of the Somme during the First World War. The FilmScore competition provided a fantastic background into the essentials of composing for screen. 

What was new and interesting about composition for “Letters Home” was composing as part of a team and writing music to accompany actors and script. I am now currently considering the possibility of studying a masters in composition for film in London” – Sebrina Lambert-Rose, FilmScore 2015 finalist