We have been running the IMDb Awards since 2012.

The IMDb New Filmmaker Award is for the best short film (between 1-10 minutes) made by a first time filmmaker. The prize is £1000 to go towards the winner’s next film plus a title page on IMDb, an IMDb enamel badge, £1000-worth of hire kit from Visual Impact and help with distribution to other film festivals. Read more about the IMDb New Filmmaker Award here.

The IMDb Script to Screen Award is open to all comers from anywhere in the world, to write a script for a short film (5 – 10 mins). The prize is £5000 to make the film of your script, £1000-worth of hire kit from Visual Impact, a title page on IMDb, and an extremely rare IMDb enamel badge. Read more about the IMDb Script to Screen Award here.

We also accept expertly crafted, interesting, well told shorts which are screened before our features during the FilmBath Festival (10 mins or under – no exceptions). You can read more about shorts submissions here.

FilmBath Festival is programmed by a dedicated team of volunteers overseen by Philip Raby. The team source their own feature films; we do not accept submissions of features.