Just a quick update to let you know what’s going on with FilmBath in these interesting times.

We cancelled our March FilmClub screening of In Safe Hands – which of course was a shame but we felt that it would have been socially irresponsible to all sit together in a confined space for 100 minutes, even back then, nine days ago.

Lots of our wonderful FilmClub members very generously donated the price of their ticket to FilmBath – which is HUGELY appreciated as I’m not quite sure how we are going to weather this storm, though I am sure that we will.

We will wait and see what happens but I think it’s safe to say that at the very least April’s FilmClub screening will be cancelled too.

Holly moved out of the FilmBath office last Tuesday and her children’s school sent them home from Wednesday – which means that she is now mostly supervising homeschooling, daily exercise and of course a lot more cooking, cleaning and laundry.

In between which she is still working on the 2020 film festival on 5 – 15 November. Of course we have no idea where we’ll be in November, but we’re optimistic that we will be with you, in a cinema, watching great movies.

In case you missed it, lovely MUBI have offered all FilmBath fans 90 days FREE subscription so that you can still watch superb festival-style films. The reason we love MUBI is because they do all the hard work for you: they only offer a carefully curated selection of 30 films which updates each day. You can access the 90 days FREE subscription here: https://mubi.com/filmbath

Meanwhile, stay well, stay apart and stay sane: here’s some Tom Hanks reassurance to keep you going: