FilmBath Festival


If you like great films, then welcome home: this is the place for you.

Every November the beautifully inventive city of Bath in SW England is filled with film fans coming together for 11 indulgent days of previews, Bath debuts, special events, Q&As, documentary features, silent films with new live scores, shorts and of course the IMDb Awards.

Loved by audience members, volunteers and local businesses, FilmBath Festival has been running since 1990. As one audience member said,

“It’s the friendliest festival in Bath – by a country mile”

At the 2018 festival we screened 22 previews, 10 feature docs, 8 superb LGBT films and 36 shorts. 64% of our films were F-Rated with 55% directed by women and 17 Triple F-Rated – ie directed by, written by and starring women. 24 of our 43 events SOLD OUT and we had an average capacity of 82% (which is magnificent!).

Our opening night film, The Favourite went on to win pretty much every award going including BAFTAS and best Oscar for Olivia Coleman. We screened it nearly 2 months before its national release.

Other big previews included Can You Ever Forgive Me? (multiple wins plus an Oscar nomination for Richard E Grant – which we screened 3 months before its release), Beautiful Boy and Colette (arguably Keira Knightley’s best performance yet) – both months ahead of their release dates.

As well as the big name films, our programming team of 8 selected a sublime programme of African, Asian, South American, European and British films – in fact if you want a list of “great films to watch in 2019”, just browse our 2018 programme here.

We had some really stirring Q&As including a Skype with director Amy Adrion talking about her everyone-should-watch film Half The Picture; director Jason Barker with his editor, Rachel Meyrick talking about the incredibly moving and remarkably funny film A Deal With The Universe. Directors Jane Harris and Jimmy Edmonds brought the house down with their incredibly personal doc, A Love That Never Dies while award winning producers Elizabeth Karlsen and Stephen Woolley inspired and entertained the Collette audience.  Meanwhile, the co-star of if…. David Wood answered fascinating questions about the making of the film and director Kim Hopkins and producer Margareta Szabo joined us to talk about Voices of the Sea.

At the 2018 IMDb Awards, BBC’s Laura Rawlings had fascinating conversations with our judges, producer Ivana Mackinnon (Beast etc), writer Alex von Tunzelmann (Churchill etc), actor Jonathan Hyde (Titanic, Jumanji etc) and the CEO of IMDb, Col Needham. We watched the five finalists: Mind F*#k by Sherill Turner, Happy New Year by Wander Theunis & Brandon Grötzinger, The Wait by Jason McColgan, Fuck The Boxes by Abel Rubinstein and Life in Miniature by Ellen Evans as well as the world premiere of the 2018 IMDb Script to Screen award winner, Theo Watkins’s film Service. The winner was Ellen Evans with her perfect short doc, Life in Miniature, a film about small things – and the woman who creates them. She has since gone on to screen her film at Sundance.

With a whole host of creative opportunities, pioneering leaders and a truly inclusive spirit, the scene is set for FilmBath 2019 to be one of the UK’s leading destinations for all fans of film.

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