By Riley Madincea who won the 2016 IMDb New Filmmaker Award for Help! I’m Trapped in a Movie

Winning the IMDb New Filmmaker Award has been the absolute jewel and crown of making my first film.

As someone who never went to film school and never made a film before, to take a crowd-funded project to a festival as well regarded as the Bath Film Festival and win an award as well-recognised as this one seemed like a glorious impossibility. But it happened!

Even with each step we got closer I still couldn’t quite take it in “We’ll never get accepted – oh, we did, but we’ll never get shortlisted – oh, we did! Well we’ll never win the thing – oh, we what?!”

The venue, the selection, the audience, the judges – even without winning – the night would’ve been an award in itself.

I know of no better opportunity to have your first work recognised and your future work supported than this Award, and I am humbled and dumbfounded that my film somehow won. I’d encourage every first-time filmmaker to enter because if I can win it, literally anyone can.

To see the stills form the evening, click here.