By finalist Natalie Ekberg (far left, above)

Bath is a beautiful city and any opportunity to visit is a good one, but none of them could possibly top our reason for being there on 9 June 2016. Being one of the ‘final five’ writers nominated for the IMDb Script to Screen Award 2016, would no doubt feel pretty special to any screenwriter; but let me tell you this : for an emerging screenwriter – it means the world. I know, because marching determinedly towards the lovely Komedia, I felt pretty invincible. (And I didn’t get lost; which would normally be the case!)

Once inside, I was greeted by wonderful Holly and introduced to my fellow finalists. They were all warm and friendly and just like me, giddy with excitement. Then, it was time for the first group photograph of the evening. There we were: happiness, hope and expectation glaring from that photograph.

The evening continued with class: interesting interviews with the judges, excellent performances of exceptional scripts, lots of laughter, and, my favourite: the break! Yes, the break was great, because the nerve–racking moment of having your script performed and even worse, stepping in front of the audience for a short interview, was over. Now, it was time to relax and mingle! I had a chance to talk to wonderful young actors who performed in my script and discuss my main character with beautiful Shona, who portrayed her so well! The atmosphere was buzzing, with the audience kept busy voting for their favourite script.

Finally, the judges returned and the winner was announced. Amanda Richardson and her screenplay ‘Dig’ was truly special and she is a lovely girl, so everybody was genuinely happy for her.

When we posed for our final photograph, this time together with the judges, I couldn’t help but think that this shot would come out differently: there would a little sadness in all of us, because honestly, we all wanted to win.

Only upon further reflection does one realise that the event itself was the actual win: it was one of those evenings that will never be forgotten. It will definitely propel us towards writing more and better, to aim higher and to believe in ourselves. And for that, I will forever be grateful.

P.S Good luck to Amanda with the actual shooting of the movie. I certainly hope to return to Bath to watch it; any reason to go back to Bath works for me!