I know, 1990 seems like only yesterday doesn’t it?

Way back then, multiculturalism was the buzz word of the time, and grunge, rave and hip hop were the defining trends. Goodfellas, Dances With Wolves, Home Alone and Ghost were that year’s blockbusters, and Margaret Thatcher’s 11 year reign as PM finally came to an end.

Here in Bath Chris BakerPhilip Raby and Alastair Goolden decided to set up a film festival and BFF was born.

Now, 25 years later the festival has grown, morphed and developed into an outstanding regional film festival, screening some of the year’s best films before their release dates. Last year, for example we showed Birdman, Wild, Song of the Sea and Wild Tales before they all went on to win awards from all over the world.

For our 25th birthday, we are planning a whole raft of spectacular events and previews, many of them related to our F-Rated initiative.

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Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

Holly x