With exactly one week to go until the launch of the 2014 Bath Film Festival, the only appropriate thing to do is to take a look at the people behind-the-scenes and find out exactly what it is they’ve been doing in preparation for BFF’s most anticipated year yet.

The day-to-day running of the event takes place in the BFF Office, where a dedicated team of film enthusiasts can be seen feverishly tapping away at computers with the bellowing of buskers from the Abbey Square acting as a complementary soundtrack. The head of operations here is Festival Producer Holly Tarquini, without whom the festival would be little more than a couple of friends hosting a Netflix movie marathon. She leads a team that comprises of Jess Cowley, Katie Weston and James Thompson, with occasional appearances from Director Philip Raby and Founder Chris Baker.

As Festival Assistant, Jess is in charge of co-ordinating this year’s volunteers, liaising with the festival’s special guests and pretty much everything else that needs doing. For days, the office whiteboard was covered with volunteers’ initials as Jess, in true Will Hunting fashion, tackled the mind-boggling task of assigning stewards to their preferred films. Main marketeer Katie, who has probably appeared in your inbox lately, has the job of targeting specific groups and informing them of films that may otherwise pass them by. Then there’s James, who can often be spotted darting around Bath city centre on various errands but is mainly responsible for editing the volunteer-written Film Notes that will provide audiences with an inside look into the film they are about to watch.

The work of the BFF team, however, does not only occur within the walls of the Abbey Chambers. For weeks, the festival’s devoted group of volunteers have been spreading the word and scattering brochures throughout the establishments of Bath, so that people know exactly how they should be spending their November. These beautiful brochures were produced in the tens of thousands and on arrival at the office, 3,000 were enveloped, stamped and sent off to BFF fans via bicycle (courtesy of Velopost). Brochure Day was closely followed by Poster Day, which involved Jess and James leading a squad of helpers around the vacant retail properties of Bath and filling the windows with film posters and BFF banners for the general public to feast their eyes on.

Bath Film Festival is hugely grateful for all the contributions that the volunteers make, as without them the Festival would simply not be happening in seven days’ time. There is a real buzz here in the office as ticket sales continue to rise; seven screenings having sold out already, which is faster than ever before. So don’t waste any more time and make the labours of the BFF team worthwhile by booking tickets to your favourite films today!