Set in Bristol, dealing with a number of fascinating and contemporary issues, while remaining engaging at both an intellectual and emotional level, Flying Blind was one the big success stories of Bath Film Festival 2012. Audiences responded enthusiastically to the story of an attractive older woman working in the defence industry in Bristol, who starts a relationship with a younger man. The fact that he is Muslim puts her career at risk, as well as making her question her own judgement.

Frankie (Helen McCrory) is outstanding as the central character, who has successfully isolated herself from the complications of a life beyond her work (designing drones). When she falls for Kahil, her life is transformed as her sexuality is reawakened. This central relationship and the ripples that spread outwards from it make the film an enthralling and absorbing experience.

The presence of producer Alison Sterling who answered questions about the project was the extra ingredient that helped make the film a worthy winner of the Bath Film Festival Audience Award.