A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

A New Strand

It is the year twenty-twelve and the city of Bath is looking forward to the next film festival. A small group of dedicated individuals with the help of Louis Savy, director of Sci-Fi London Film Festival, were bringing something that had never been seen in Bath. It was thus the Sci-Fi strand was born.

You heard right, this year’s festival has a Sci-fi Strand, which includes a broad range of films from within the genre. Sci-fi master, Louis Savy, has recommended some of the titles (ManborgGhosts with Shit Jobs) and others have come from elsewhere (many thanks to Col Needham for his recommendation of Safety Not Guaranteed), some are futuristic, some realistic, and some are down-right nihilistic. Suffice to say there is something in there for everyone (even if you don’t think you like science fiction).

For those of you who are new or tentative about the genre, there are two particularly solid choices within this strand. Robot and Frank, set in the near future and starring Frank Langella is more of drama about aging and friendship than it is about the technology involved. Ghosts With Shit Jobs takes a much less space-based attitude, preferring instead to concentrate on ideas about our future, asking us to re-examine our present.

On the other hand, if you are looking for films about time-travel, why not try Safety Not Guaranteed, a dark comedy about a man who advertised for a time-travel companion in a local newspaper, and the journalists who want to tell his story. We are also showing The Sound Of My Voice, another film about journalists, this time trying to uncover the truth about a cult leader who claims she is from the future. There’s also the weird and yes wonderful 1980s’ Death Watch.

And for those of you have been patiently waiting for the space and gore films within this strand, we have a real treat for you. This is not a B-movie. This is a Z-movie. It’s called Manborg. Think Robocop meets Dead Snow meets Starship Troopers, but with an even smaller budget. It features, vampire hordes, a man who is bought back to life as a cyborg and stop-motion monster fights. What else could you ask for?

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of this fabulous new strand is the fact that it comes with a new venue. For the first time the Bath Film Festival will be screening films in the Masonic Hall perhaps the perfect place to screen these strange and wonderful features. Excited? We certainly are!