After months of waiting, it is almost here. That’s right, ladies and gentleman, children of all ages; Bath Film Festival is only 5 weeks away!

5 weeks until the streets of Georgian Bath are filled with the true lovers of film.

5 weeks until our screens are covered with the best that cinema has to offer.

5 weeks until you’ll be able to feast your eyes and satisfy your mind with the celluloid gems which we have spent the last ten months lovingly finding for you.

The venues are booked, the films are programmed, the talent are making travel preparations and the corn is waiting to pop. The festival office is a hive of activity making sure that everything is perfect for those twelve days in November that always fly by too quickly.

Philip, the festival director, has recently returned from the Toronto International Film Festival, just in time to finalise the programme with Chris, Events Manager, and the rest of the Programming Committee. Holly, festival coordinator, has been working tirelessly, making sure that all runs soothly, with help from interns, volunteers, family and friends.

But, of course, this is only the beginning. There is so much more to do, and as anyone will tell you, five weeks is not much time to do it in.

So, watch this space for updates on how the festival is coming along.

We have new venues, new strands, new faces and, of course a new website (what do you think?).

Trust us, the next 5 weeks are going to fly by.