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Each year, from several hundred short film submissions we select around 25 to accompany feature screenings. That done, we realised this year just how many outstanding films among the remaining submissions deserved to be seen by an appreciative audience. Shorts Showcase presents 12 terrific and varied films that brilliantly nail the essence of the short form in one way or another. Join us at Widcombe Social Club to enjoy the work of tonight’s talented filmmakers, to mark the end of this year’s festival with a drink, to relive the highlights of 2018 and to anticipate the 29th FilmBath Festival in 2019! We will be screening:

The Story of Ken | Ingrid Oliver | UK | 9m

With a nod to The Office, The Story of Ken is a darkly funny exploration of one man’s reaction to the ‘womenification’ of the world around him.

Spirit | Dillon M Banda | 4m | Hong Kong

Carefully selected shots and plenty of human interest distinguish this mini doc, which transcends what initially might seem to be no more than superior travelogue material. A celebration of the human spirit shot in temples and monasteries across Nepal.

NOSEBLEED | Luna Carmoon | UK | 9m

Best friends Lilah and Coby find something far more intense and toxic emerging between them in a film which captures the wrenching emotions of adolescence.

Snail | Casey Hennessey | UK | 3m

Ignoring the imploring voice of her mother, a young girl becomes mesmerised by a pristine garden snail. The temptation to touch its extended eyestalks is irresistible; the consequences are unexpectedly dramatic.

Voice / Koe | Takeshi Kushida | Japan | 10m

A wordless reflection on an isolated factory worker’s only relationship – with a mysterious shadow which appears on his apartment wall.

I’m OK | Elizabeth Hobbs | Canada | 6m

A potted visual biography of the early life of Oskar Kokoschka, in which the colourful animation vividly conveys the drama of the expressionist artist’s youthful love and his experiences in WWI.

Command List | Will Farrell | UK | 10m

A wry commentary on dating in the not-too-distant future, when asking someone out for a drink won’t get you anywhere, but the app on your smartphone is a gateway to the realisation of your wildest fantasies.

Neapolitan Porno | Alan Halls | UK | 1m

Short, saucy and very silly. Shot on genuine grainy celluloid to give that tacky 1970s fleapit cinema ad reel flavour.

Reading Through the Body / Körpersprache | Mersolis Schöne | Austria | 8m

An accomplished sign language interpreter attempting to convey a complex philosophical text becomes a mesmerising piece of performance art, in a film which reminds us that spoken words are not necessary for a profound cinematic experience.

The Sky Underwater / Himmelen under havet | Maria Dyrvik | Norway | 10m

In this animated undersea dystopia, 6-year-old Mia is drawn to the Big Light that nightly penetrates the murk. Rebelling against the oppressive prohibition of the fearful adults, Mia braves sharks and plastic waste to reach for the moon.

Obolus | Matthew Sterling | UK | 2m

Making striking use of contrasting colour palettes and perspectives, Obolus suggests there might be much more to virtual reality than merely escapism.

Rupture | Dwayne Kemete | USA | 10m

A moody drama, in which a young surgeon is faced with an impossible dilemma when the patient under his knife stirs up memories of painful past events. He’s presented with a choice – save or kill – as he struggles to heal the wounds inside.

Deep Blue | J R Dawson | UK | 5m

A man mourning a failed relationship attempts to exorcise the pain by creating a poetic analogue of his experience in the form of a short story. After all, loving is a creative act.

The Mask | Sharif Persaud, Tim Corrigan | UK | 4m

A surreal four minutes featuring an autistic young man who garrulously chats to camera through a paper face mask of Al Murray (The Pub Landlord, who puts in a brief appearance) while energetically striding around the seaside town of Bexhill-on-Sea.


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