“This is by some measure Anderson’s weirdest concoction ever, in all sorts of good ways. And it probably counts as his most daring, too.” Daily Telegraph

Wes Anderson’s new animated feature is set in Japan, 20 years from now. The Mayor of Megasaki City, reacting to fears of a dog flu pandemic, sends all canine creatures to an isolated and toxic offshore island. Which is where a 12 year old called Atari goes to look for Spots – his own dog.

IOD was recently premiered at Berlin where it was received with rapture by the assembled critics. While it may appear to be a boy’s own adventure, the film is darker and more complex. It also has the unique Anderson patina of minute detail and quirkiness and all round deadpan humour, with a voice cast to die for (even Yoko Ono turns up in a small role).

This is a unique opportunity to see the film just before its release with an introduction to how the film was made and a Q&A session with Ray Lewis an animator who worked on it.

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Wes Anderson

Bryan Cranston, Koyu Rankin, Edward Norton

101 min


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Preview Screening Courtesy of: Fox Searchlight